Voice Agent

....We have a voice agent available now!

If you use a Google assitant either at home or on your phone you can ask it to "Talk to St James Fellowship" and it will take you to a conversation with our voice agent that will be able to tell you when is our Sunday Service is, and about our kid's programs.   It can also tell you about our address, phone number and web address.  We can tell you about the readings for this Sunday, and are working on being able to tell you about our upcoming calendar events via voice as well.

We may add Siri or Cortana suport after we have developed our Google Agent, but for now be encouraged that you can install the google assistant on iPhones and Windows mobile devices if you wish.

Cick on 🅖 Ask St James Fellowship to Answer questions  to send the agent to your device.  (clicking the link will take you to a page where you can specify where you want the agent to open) or you can click HERE to open a page to test out how the agent works.  In the browser window, you will have to type, and see text responses. instead of using your voice like you can on your phone or Google home.